Check Your Thermostat

A thermostat is more than just a device to measure the temperature in your home and to turn the system on and off it is considered the key to the air conditioning engine. You need to make sure your system is set to cool or heat for the desired temp.  Is it on auto, change temp above or below threshold. some thermostats have batteries on the back that need to be replaced once a year depending on your situation, if after checking the batteries your system doesn't come on, then we need to move to the next step: check your breaker...

Check your Breaker

Sometimes your air conditioning or heating system will come on at the same time with other appliances, this can cause a breaker to accidentally trip:

At the breaker box, carefully visually check for tripped breakers, your system should have a double breaker for the outside unit and sometimes two breakers for the inside unit, if you have a gas heating furnace you probably have a light switch interruptor instead of the breaker, this switch is usually located in the actual indoor unit, being the closet, the attic, the garage or in some houses the basement.


We encourage you to exercise caution anytime you are touching electrical connections as you run the risk of electrical shock.  If you are unsure, please call us as we will be more than happy to inspect the system for you.

Air Filters

Unattended air conditioning air filters is one of the primary reasons for system failure. Poor airflow can decrease your efficiency as well as decrease your compressor life.

Visually inspect your air conditioning air filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and replace as needed. 

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